Advice on getting chemistry on track

May 12, 2008
I have owned a pool now for 4 years and have recently decided maybe I should start taking better care of it :-D
I would like some advice on how to proceed because my chemistry is out of whack. Here are my test results:
FC 15
CC 0
pH 7.5
TA 200
CH 650
CYA 100

I am also fighting a minor mustard algae problem. I was in the midst of shocking (hence the 15 FC), but realized it might be better to take care of the CYA first by draining some water.

I read about how to lower the TA with acid and aerating.

As you can see my CH is sky high and i need to drain water. Should I drain the entire pool or is a partial drain sufficient?

Thanks for the help. This is a great forum.



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If you could drain about 40% of your water, Your CYA would be manageable and your CH and ALk may improve as well. Test your fill water for a good indication of what to expect.

Once your CYA is down to 60 or less, you'll be much more successful with your battle with algae.