Advice on CSI


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Jun 8, 2015
Concord, NC
I would like to dial in my water chemistry to get my CSI to be "balanced." I *think* I understand that it doesn't really "matter" since I don't have a plaster pool, but I recently read in a thread about the CSI also affecting the life of the salt cell.

So here are my test results as of this morning:

FC 5.5
CC 0
pH 7.6
TA 70
CH 150
CYA 50
Water Temp 74
Salt (per the control box) 2800
Borates 50

My pump runs for 8 hours each day on low and then 4 hours on high. My SWG is set to 15%.

The pool is in full sun basically all day.

So Pool Math calculates my CSI at -0.68. If I bump FC to 6, pH up to 7.8, TA up to 80 and CH up to 300 my CSI would be -0.14.

My hesitation is that this pool is SO EASY to care for. I seldom ever have to adjust the pH. It is super happy at TA 70 and pH 7.6. Am I asking for trouble?


And thank you in advance! :)


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Aug 10, 2012
Yep, I agree. I would say that any CSI between -0.6 and 0 is perfect for a vinyl pool. So, you are very close. I would let pH rise to 7.8 if it wants to and leave it alone.