Advice on Blowing my lines


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Jul 31, 2017
Archbald, PA
Hello all, I am wondering if you can give me some advice on the proper way to blow my lines. I am new to the closing process but want to learn to do it myself as it is getting expensive. As you can see in the picture the circle at the bottom right is my saltwater cell which will be unhooked in stored for the winter. Am I able to shop vac blow those lines both ways to blow out to the skimmer and return? If so, how would I get antifreeze into those pipes? The circle in the top left, do I need to unhook those for any reason? The skimmer is an aqua genie.



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
You can blow out the return lines from the line that was connected to the SWG.

You can't blow through the heater, filter and pump to the suction lines. Blow from the pump basket back into the suction lines.

Remember to remove all the drain plugs from the heater, filter, and pump.