Advice on AquaTrol RJ cell mounting


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Jun 2, 2017
Columbia, MO
Hi all, looking for a little advice. I purchased a Hayward AquaTrol RJ SWG this season and know that it is supposed to mount vertically just prior to the pool return. I also have a 3 way valve and PVC fountain just prior to the return and would like to mount the cell just before the valve (still vertical) so that the water has to pass through the cell whether being returned from the jet or the fountain. Does this seem reasonable or does the valve and fountain need to be before the cell so the cell is the last step before hitting the return? I'd send pics but haven't been able to get a nice enough day to get it all out and start plumbing it. Thanks in advance!


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Mar 2, 2011
Since the RJ does not have a flow switch, you have to make sure that the chlorine and hydrogen gas can escape the cell and go out of the returns even when the pump is off.