Advice needed - Pool Motor Bearing replacement - Variable Speed AO Smith

Nov 26, 2018
Patterson CA
Wanted to check with some of you that have motor bearing replacement skills.

I have a bearing going out (shaft end) on a Jandy JEP1.5 pool pump. It is 4 years old. In addition to repairing the motor, I plan on installing new internal pump parts and seals. I pulled it apart and lubed the bearing but it still making some noise.

The motor is an AO Smith Variable speed 48Y square flange, single phase. I have inquired elsewhere and they recommend replacing the whole pump/motor or taking the motor to a rebuild shop. ... What?:mad: My local shop wants $170 to replace bearings. Thats not oo bad but ... bearings are only $10-$15, right? The bearing is a 6203-2RS (Maybe an SKF?)

Has anyone tackled a variable speed motor bearing replacement? Why would it be any harder than a single or dual speed motor?

I do have mechanical skills (gear pullers, press, etc) and have rebuilt gearboxes and other devices with new bearings.

Advice please.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Not a lot of people here this time a year, so it often takes a little longer to get a response.

Motor shops in my area won't even touch pool pump motors as it costs almost the same as buying a new single speed motor.

I know from other things that I have worked on, that if you can get the bearing out, taking it to a bearing supplier works for me. Show them what you got and they can pretty much find a replacement.

Let's see if we can get one of our motor guys to chime in..


Jim R.

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Dec 17, 2017
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In reality - VS motors are not all that much different to 'ye olde' single/double speed motors.

In some ways a VS motor can be easier to pull apart as mechanically they are simpler (no starter capacitor or commutator/contacts to worry about).

VS motors are generally a multi-phase DC motor with a fancy electronic speed control.

Here is my pump broken down to its individual assemblies:

Complete pump:


'Wet End' removed from motor:


Electronic Speed Control module (simply unscrews and unplugs from motor):


....and now we are just left with the motor sub-assembly:


Short video by the manufacturer showing users how to change the bearings within the motor housing. As you can see it is not much different to any other motor except that the windings are mounted in the motor casing with the magnets located on the actual motor shaft.

Fairly standard/simple procedure if you have a small bearing puller etc. If the electronics (speed controller) separates from the motor easily then the job should be easy.



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Mar 2, 2011
The motors are usually three phase AC TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors.

The single phase AC is converted into DC and then into a digital AC three phase voltage with the frequency varied to control the rpm.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Wow! Thanks for that info. Something that I have never heard before and very interesting.

Jim R.
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