Advice needed on new Polaris robot (9550 vs VRX iQ+, alternatives are an option).


Apr 13, 2020
Los Angeles
I inherited a Polaris 9400 robot with our house, which we bought last year (full disclosure: this is my first time owning a pool).

The robot did a pretty good job, but it has failed a few times. I've taken it apart and rebuilt it enough and probably extended its life as far as I can. Rather than expensive replacement parts, at this point it's probably time to consider a replacement.

I'm looking at the Polaris 9550 ($1200 on Amazon) and the Polaris VRX iQ+ ($1500 after rebate at Leslie's).

Is the VRZ iQ worth the extra money? I'm open to alternatives too.

We are a young family so budget is important. At the same time we have a large pool and a German shepherd so we need a robot that can get things done. Keeping the fur out of our pool filter is nice, so independent robots are probably a better fit than pressure-side.

Speaking of German shepherds, his lordship, given a chance, will grab the robot and have a good chew on the tyres. This can leave superficial damage on the shell.

When it comes to warranty for electrical and moving internal parts, can the warranty for Polaris products be invalidated by cosmetic damage, or do they consider each component (e.g. motor block) independently?

Based on the high cost and modularity of these machines (and my experience with parts failing) the warranty is an important draw for me.
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