Advice for refinishing patio area concrete on older pool


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Apr 9, 2013
Columbia, SC
My pool is probably 10 years old or more, and of course the concrete has cracked in several places (my theory is from the crazy amount of rain and floods we have had in past few years). Also, I have never really been a fan of the boring "concrete mud" color that untinted concrete has.

Just wondering what are my options for refinishing the concrete. I know I at least want to seal it (never been done as far as I know), but would really prefer to make it look nicer as well...conceal those nasty cracks, color it, maybe a semi-gloss or at least satin finish earth tone or something.

Anyone done this? Advice on how to avoid mistakes with this project appreciated! It just seems like one of those things you can easily look back on 2 years from doing it and kicking yourself for some obvious oversight.

FWIW: pool patio is in direct, full sun all day. Extremely high humidity during summer. Salt water pool. Temps are often above 100 in summer (and at least in 90's for weeks and weeks), and it does sometimes snow in winter, if the weather matters regarding type of coating I should be using. I've looked at a few dedicated retail places online that sell concrete sealant, but didn't see anything but clear coat, which is not what I am after.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Post some pics of your patio and the problems to give people more ideas about your situation.
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