Advice for fixing hole in plaster


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Apr 15, 2018
Bristow, VA

I recently purchased a home that included an in-ground pool. The pool is made of gunite and covered in Marbelite (a "cement-based, colored marble plaster"). The pool surfaces were starting to crack in a few places last year. After a rough winter, things got much worse and I'll have to perform several repairs before filling it. The first thing I want to tackle is a hole in the stairs. I found deep cracks on a step and upon further inspection, some of the surface was very loose. I pulled out the loose pieces revealing a large hole (about 7 inches wide and 2 inches high).

As a relatively-new pool owner who hasn't had to perform repairs yet, I'd appreciate any advice on products and procedures I should use to repair the hole and cracks around it. I greatly appreciate any help I can get.

I've attached a picture of the hole for reference:

Thank you!
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