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Jun 14, 2021
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I apologize in advance for the long newbie post. We recently purchased a round 24 x 52 AGP. It is scheduled to be installed in a few weeks. We are supposed to have the site ready and 4 yards of sand on site for the installers. We rented a mini excavator and had the area worked on yesterday. Our contract says the installers will correct leveling issues up to 8". My husband is convinced that the site isnt going to work. He is concerned about drainage issues because we had a hard rain right after the excavation was done and theres a little water standing in one corner. We know nothing about how to install drainage pipes or if we even need to. I have attached a picture. I know this isnt much to go on. Any info is appreciated.


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Mar 17, 2021
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Looking at your picture it looks as though there is a small puddle in the middle...
That will be filled in with the sand just before the installers erect the pool.
The perimeter of the pool is the important part to have level. A foot inside and outside of the perimeter of where the wall will sit.
I think your over analyzing the situation.
But heavy rain washing away material after the pool is installed is a legitimate concern for any above ground pool owner.
I put that black weed gaurd around the outside of my pool about a foot or so and covered with pea gravel
Just incase....
It would be prudent to always inspect after a heavy rain is my 2 cents.
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Jul 17, 2007
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I looked at your picture. What I would is cut the high side back even further and then dig and grade a swale at the bottom so that the pool sits higher than the bottom of the slope. You can even try adding the dirt at the top of the slope to create a way to divert the water coming from higher up away from the pool. Any water coming down the slope will then drain away out to the sides of the pool. If you have any downspouts on your house that drain in the direction of the pool, redirect those elsewhere if possible. If want to install a french drain, the basic procedure is to dig a trench and line it with landscape fabric. Pour in a few inches of gravel, then install either black pipe or PVC that has holes in it. cover the pipe with gravel, fold the fabric over the gravel then cover with dirt. Ideally the pipe then runs to daylight. Personally I would dig the swale. It will be easier and cheaper.
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