Adjusting PH and TA. What's the proper procedure?

Apr 9, 2016
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So my PH is high and my TA is a bit on the low side. Should I adjust TA first, wait a bit and then adjust PH? Or can I adjust both at the same time? Does it matter? Doesn't baking soda neutralize acid? It seems like if you add both at the same time, you would be nullifying the effect of the muriatic acid.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Take your pH down to 7.6 and see how it rides. It might need it again, and then monitor your TA over time and see if a slightly lower TA holds that pH in check.

Your pool might *like* a lower TA and 60 to 50 is about as low as some go yet it works for *their* pools.

Every pool has its own personality chemistry wise. Keep an eye on your CSI using PoolMath.

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