Adjust automatic valve actuator


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Apr 10, 2007
Chino Hills, CA

We have a new pool installed with a Compool automatic actuator. From what I understand it has 2 settings pool and spa. When in spa mode the return to the pool is completely shut off this is fine. However, when in pool mode the valve stops and looks like it returns 60-70% to the spa (for spillway effect) and 30-40% to the pool.

Is there a way to manually move the valve if I wanted to return 100% to the pool? I was thinking it would be more efficient in cases where we wanted to heat the pool. Also, our SWG is plumbed on the pool return after the valve. Right now it appears there is enough flow as the systems is generating chlorine, but I was concerned with summer approaching.

Thanks, Jim


Actuators usually have a manual override that allow you to adjust them any way you want. I am not as familiar with the compool actuators as I am with the goldline so I can't help you on the way to do it. The owners manual for the CVA-24 actuator should explain how to do it.

It is fairly common for the SWG cell to be plumbed after the actuator and the actuator set to return water to both the pool and spa. It should have minimal effect on heating and this way both will be chlorinated by the SWG. Some automations systems will allow you to have a position for pool, spa, or spillover and allow separate adjustment for the SWG for the pool and spa. Check your manual to see if this is an options.