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Sep 12, 2021
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I just finished my pool build, 9000 gallons with an intelliflow VSP. I am interested in adding a salt water chlorine generator, but feel I need to go Pentair to integrate it with my pump. I believe the ichlor control box has a hook up to the communication cable for the pump to make sure it only runs when the pump runs. This seems like the easiest way to make it all work. I have been looking at the ichlor 30. Am I missing something?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Welcome to TFP.

See page 18 in

SmartSense Flow Detection: Connecting the iChlor SCG to an IntelliFlo pump (stand-alone mode only)
SmartSenseTM Flow Detection technology allows the connection of an IntelliFlo® Variable Speed Pump via RS-485 communication, to an iChlor® SCG power center while in stand-alone mode, by simply attaching the RS-485 cable from the pump, to the RS-485 connector located in the iChlor Power Center (see iChlor Power Center Wiring Diagram at the bottom of the next page).
SmartSense is a safety feature that will continually monitor the status of the IntelliFlo pump before generating chlorine.

Note: Flow detection is only available when the iChlor is installed alongside a PC100 Power Center (P/N 520556).
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