Adding Stenner Pump to Jandy Aqualink Problems


TFP Expert
Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
I have added a Stenner pump and I want to control it through my Jandy Aqualink P4.

I am stumped.

I have wired it to Aux 3. I have power to the line terminal on the relay. But no mater what I do, I can't seem to get power to the load terminal on the relay.

Is there a step I am missing? Is there something I have to program other than the label?

I connected 110 from the sub-panel to the line 1 input screw on the Aux 3 relay. I have 110 there. But when I go into service mode and turn on Aux 3 I get no power at the Aux 3 line 1 load screw.

I have no idea whats going on.



Aug 22, 2014
San Antonio, Texas
I am bumping this up, hoping for an answer because I will be getting a Jandy aqua link with my pool install and plan on adding a stunner as well.
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