Adding simple local controls to Jandy Aqualink RS


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Sep 18, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
I've been generally happy with my Jandy Aqualink RS automation and the IQ-30 controls. However there have been enough times that I've been at the pool and realize that I need to go back inside and get my phone just to turn on the SPA. That plus the fact that you have to have a functioning internet connection for any controls led me to look at options to add some sort of local control.

The problem is the options are expensive, ~$1,000 to add a control panel. But then I discovered that the interface for the 4-Button "SPA Side Remote" (a ~ $500 unit) was just four contact closures and an LED.

So I built the unit pictured below. I installed it in the otherwise blank space in the Aqualink RS panel (the space is intended for the SWG control, but my SWG controls came with separate enclosure.) For anyone wanting to do something similar the only part that's critical is the needed barrier strip connector. It is a Phoenix Contact 1755622 - Digikey Part 277-2235-ND. I used standard "microswitch" style buttons Digikey Part # EG5845-ND but any SPST Momentary Normally open switch will work fine. The Resistor, LED, plastic panel and wire all came our of my "junk boxes".
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