Adding Shimmering Sea???


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Apr 7, 2015
Houston, Texas
I have the shimmering sea shells and love them. It's possible they wear away or dissolve over time, but I love them. The prices really seem to vary.

Mine were $350 for a bag, and I wonder if I got the full bag. I've heard of someone getting them for free, another person paid $100 for a bag, etc. I guess it depends on area, pool builder, and applicators.

I wish I had more, but I probably wouldn't have wanted to pay more.

I haven't really seen a photo that captures their sparkle, so I went on the word from here - glad I did.

There's also discussion about the distribution of the shells in the pool. Some people say they show more in the shallow areas which makes sense and maybe more so with the darker finishes. I don't know. Some people want them mixed in on the walls.

I have Blue Granite and this is where mine are:
Mixed in on the walls
Sparsely hand broadcasted over the rest of the pool - very uneven.
I see them very well in the deep end and love them there too.

What I would do next time:
None on the walls
Buy one and a half bags (but probably not over $500)
Evenly sprinkled over the entire pool
On the fence about adding them to the spa.

There is also an option now of adding a bag of PebbleTec luminous beads to sheen or tec. Check out Ummgood's thread for more info or go to the Pebble tec website.
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Jun 8, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
You may want to ask the plaster guys when they get there... In my case, the PB was quoting exorbitant amounts to add the shells..

But the pebble tech guys had many bags in their truck and added TONS of these for $200! I mean a lot.. maybe 3 or 4 bags... maybe more .. the shells are in every nook and corner of the pool..
They even mixed it with the pebble AND sprinkled extra when troweling.

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Jun 14, 2021
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Our PB priced the shimmering sea at $1 per sq/ft additional, which is for a 1/10 ratio to pebble. I'm not sure what that comes out to in bags, but that seems to be in line with what others have posted.


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Aug 16, 2016
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I'm pleased with it in our Blue Surf. Our depth is 3.5 to 5.5 with a sun shelf and it's the right depth to see it really in action and get the nice sparkle. I think it adds a very nice dimension and we are happy we did it.


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Jun 11, 2021
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We’ve just completed a free form ocean blue pebble sheen pool and whilst we didn’t get shimmering sea, we did get about 10% glass beads cast across the pool. They resemble tiny little sparkles as you walk by when the sun‘s out and I like them a lot. 20-30% would’ve been better so that the sparkles were more prevalent but it still looks good. They’re very difficult to pic up by a camera unfortunately bit I’ll post a couple of pics.


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Mar 17, 2021
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We ended up with wet edge and getting both abalone and glass beads. (So it’s not the same as shimmering seas or pebbletec glass blends.)

My main comment would be I probably would not do both again and only get glass.

Up close look wise I prefer glass easily vs the silver color of abalone but glass does not shimmer (or photograph) in the sun like abalone.

But if glass is out, I saw a pool prior with abalone (no glass)—a light blue plaster (abalone added pale silver spreckles) and it did enhance the look of the actual plaster for me (saw on cloudy day). On darker plaster I’m not sure I would’ve liked that silverly white spreckles add on when the sun doesn’t hit it.
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Apr 6, 2018
Sugar Land, Texas
If I could make one change to my pool it would be to NOT get any abalone. I’d sub in glass beads instead. I have the Wet edge Primera Stone Saphire Treasure. If u look on this site you’ll see bunches of examples of exposed abalone shells and staining. I have a couple. It’s annoying and truthfully really the shells in my opinion do nothing to make the plaster look any better.
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