Adding salt to SWG pool


Sep 20, 2019
In following the directions in the e-book, I added salt to my pool last night and am in the process of running for 24 hours. I unplugged the SWG, as instructed. Now, at 22 hours, the pool has 0 chlorine in it. Suggestions?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Actually, what J.J.Tex suggests is the proper way to start up your SWG every season- bring your FC up to desired level with liquid chlorine and then let the SWG *maintain* it there. If ever the SWG is not running yet you need FC, use liquid chlorine. WHenever you need instant increase in FC, yup! Use liquid chlorine.

Remember that the SWG is a great feature, but works slow and steady. Algae works fast..... you have to stay one step ahead!

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