Adding salt to a pool without a SWG


Apr 5, 2012
Jonesboro, AR
I want to add salt to my pool to get the feeling of the salt water and I don't have a SWG. The pool salt I have found at the stores say for electric salt water generators. Is this the type of salt I need to add and how much do I add. I have a 33000 gal pool and how do you test for salt content.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Yes, that is the salt you want and you can calculate the amount of salt you need using the Pool Calculator.

Many people don't notice ANY difference in the feel of their water....some swear by it.

Typically, around 1500ppm is what most people use.

You test the amount of salt with salt test strips available at many pool stores or online. They usually have a 1 year or so expiration date so check that.