Adding Polyquat 60 at higher FC?


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Apr 11, 2013

Getting ready to close here in MD. I shocked and now my FC is at 14, cya is 90, and ph is 7.75. The instructions on the polyquat say to add with FC at 1 to 3ppm, but since the pool is covered and it's cold, that FC is not wanting to drop. I really want to take care of closing the lines this w/e. Would anything really bad happen adding the poly at these chem levels?



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Jul 10, 2009
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You are only about 2ppm above the high end of normal for your pool. There shouldn't be any problem with adding Polyquat now. The Polyquat label uses the industry standard of "normal" which is 1-3ppm of FC without regard for the CYA level. In reality there are very few pools where 1-3ppm is "normal".


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Jun 7, 2011
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Just remember, 1-3 is for pools with no Cya. When that condition exists, 1-3 is a substantial amount of FC. Shame that gov and industry stds can't seem to grasp this and implement it into the language and standards.
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