Adding plumbing for pool slide


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Oct 4, 2017
Wake Forest, NC
We are adding an SR Smith Turbo Twister pool slide to our in-ground pool. The slide has a 1-1/2" connection. We want to plumb the slide into the return lines as opposed to feeding the slide with a garden hose. Our existing setup is as follows:

The pump is a Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar variable speed pump. This drives through a sand filter. The output of the sand filter is a 1-1/2" line that splits into two 1-1/2" lines at the equipment pad. One of these lines feeds a return in the deep end. The other line splits closer to the pool underground and feeds two returns in the shallow end. I currently do not run the pump at top speed so there is more headroom if needed.

There seem to be many options to install the new line for the slide in terms of connecting to the existing lines and also in terms of adding valves to control the flow back to the pool. All of these options seem to boil down to two main questions:

1) Where does the slide line connect in to the existing plumbing? Should I connect it in parallel with the other two lines at the pad or should it connect into one of the existing lines at the pad?

2) Should valves be added for the new line and/or the existing lines? The slide has a value on it's supply.

I think the most flexible approach would be to add the new line in parallel to the existing two lines at the pad and add three valves, one on each line. This would allow independent controls of each of the lines to divert the water as needed. However, this is probably over-thinking the problem and also creating a setup that isn't easy to use for the kids/family.

Maybe it's sufficient to just run a new line to the slide in parallel with the other two lines and control via the valve on the slide (i.e. no valves at the equipment pad). This would be simplest. The main goal is to have enough water flow at the slide (specified max of 25 gallons / minute).

Any thoughts are appreciated.