adding platform to intex ladder


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May 19, 2012
Baltimore, Maryland
here it is....


platform was $16 from intex replacement parts.

I removed the two blue side braces and this slid in its place.

The platform is supposed to be attached to the rails from the front vs the sides the blue braces were bolted on the sides.

To bolt it from the side like how the blue braces were I will not be able to use the white plastic nut as the platform is in the way. I think I might just use the bolt and thread it into the platform itself without using the nut.


Will need to drill on angle of legs and bolt from front to back.....

The platform still rests on the top rails of the pool, just like the blue braces did. I really dont like this as it sometimes likes to see-saw.

I did notice that the 52" intex ladder comes with the platform and would eliminate my resting on the top rail problem, but its $70 without the shipping :(

I might try adding some pool noodles to the feet of the ladder, just to get enough room to not see-saw.


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Jul 6, 2010
laconia, NH
I would not use a bolt and thread it into the plastic/resin of the platform. It will become a problem sooner or later.

I wonder if you took the bolts that hold the top u shaped pieces out if the platform would slid up to that point and then you could drill holes in the spots on the platform that are already cut out for the bolts and bolt the platform, top u shaped piece and legs of the ladder all together.

That would get the platform up higher and stop the see-saw effect. But it all depends on if the platform will slide up higher with the bolts removed.


Mar 23, 2013
Cypress, TX
I did this to my ladder also. What I did was raise the platform up so I could drill through the uprights and then used the supplied hardware. Bolting straight into the plastic will weaken it over time.