adding new breaker for Pentair Pump


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Jul 24, 2021
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my pool company 7 years ago installed siemens 20 amp GFCI breaker for pool pump (wisperflo 1hp) , chlorinator transformer and pool heater
they ran the breaker to the pump relay line 1 and 2 and load 1 and 2 side goes to two pigtails with pump, chlorinator transformer chlorinator and heater tied together.

I am going to install a new breaker for the heater and transformer siemens 20amp double pole QP ( it is very difficult to find GFCI breakers) and use the old siemens GFCI breaker in the panel for the pump only intelliflo variable speed pump 011028

Any issues with doing this because i have read other threads about having anything else on the breaker with intelliflo pumps and also tripping issues plus manual says have pump directly to breaker.

thank you for the help


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

It is unnecessary to do what you are planning to do.

The IntelliFlo pump should be connected to the LINE side of the Filter/Pump relay and continuously powered. The chlorinator transformer and heater should be connected to the LOAD side of the Filer/Pump relay.

If you do want to replace your IntelliFlo CB then consider that harmonics from the variable frequency drive can cause false GFCI trips. Pentair PA220GF is a 20A 240V GFCI breaker that GFCI trips at 6ma. The PA220GF is supposed to be less sensitive to false GCFI trips from VS pumps.

The PA220GF is a relabeled Siemens CB (QF220AP) although some say Pentair may have additional quality control and selects breakers less susceptible to false GFCI trips.

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