Adding Nature2 to SmarterSpa to reduce chlorine level in spa?


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Jan 26, 2021
I'm thinking about getting a SmarterSpa chlorine generator and adding a Nature2 silver/mineral stick so I can run my hot tub at lower chlorine levels. Nature2 claims it is an effective sanitizer with Chlorine levels at 0.5 PPM to 1.0 PPM. I was thinking about using MPS before and/or after heavy bather loads.

Are any folks doing using Nature2 with in their saltwater hot tub?

What are your thoughts about this?

What is the lowest you would run the Chlorine level at with the SmarterSpa and Nature2?

Since the SmarterSpa is adjustable, how low could I likely set the chlorine at for my 400 gallon spa?

Any thoughts, links, web pages, etc. appreciated.

Also, curious how often I would likely need to replace the electrode on the smarter spa. We use the spa 20-30 minutes a day with 1-2 people on average.

Thank you! Doug


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Jun 1, 2018
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Go with the swg & forget the nature 2.
follow this guide to get set up w/ your smarter spa making the “bleach” for u & u will be golden.
Proper sanitation is not something to fear but embrace.
Also i have never used mps in my salt water spa - for heavy loads i just add a dab of bleach. Some people have reactions to mps. Also it’s presence interferes w/ the cc test.
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