Adding liquid bleach with tight Lop Loc cover

Apr 27, 2021
Austin, Texas
We've just covered our pool with a super tight lop loc leaf cover. I need to add chlorine, and I cannot for the life of me get a corner up of the cover to add any liquid bleach. We take care of the pool ourselves but had to pay someone to come put the cover on b/c it huge and heavy (and now I know) also super tight. Pool is still running and water is currently 68 degrees.

I know I won't have to add chlorine as often as the temp cools down and people/leaves aren't in the pool, but it needs chlorine now and will continue to need some as we don't completely close the pool.

Can I add liquid chlorine to the skimmer basket while the pump is on high if I go suuuuper slow?? Terrible idea? The only place I have access to water is where the cover closes together over the stairs, and there aren't any jets nearby there to help mix it quickly before it settles.

Thoughts? This is our second winter w/ the pool and last winter we had a company take care of the pool and they used pucks in our inline chlorinator, which I'd like to avoid if I can.


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Brooks !!! All covers are equally as tight. You just have to figure out how to pop a corner that works for you. I’m a big dude and struggled myself until I found my groove. For me it was my foot and a lot of leverage.

You stick the bar between the anchor and the spring and you can’t budge the spring to twist it over the bar. Kicking it with the inside of my boot got the bar to wedge under the tensioner while twisting the bar. Then the tensioner just pops off by bending the bar towards the pool. The first dozen times will be akward but you’ll figure out your hack, and then it’s second nature as you pop them at will. You only need a few off by a return and you’ll have plenty of room to add/ brush what’s left.

Putting them back is similar. The first one or two would go back by wedging them only with the bar. The last couple needed some kicking. When popping it was the reverse and the first one or two needed convincing. After that the rest were easy to pop.
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Aug 20, 2020
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The tool (or 1/2” PVC pipe) works wonders for getting those springs back on the anchor. If you notch the end of it like the tool, it helps pop the metal rings off the anchors as well.
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May 12, 2016
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For adding liquid chlorine while cover is on:


An alternative method for releasing cover springs from the posts is to simply screw the posts IN. You may need to increase the torque on your drill.
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