Adding CYA vi sock method - SWG Generator off for how long?


May 4, 2013
I found this excellent description about using the sock method:

Add the CYA by using what we call the sock method. Get an old sock (no holes) and put the measured amount of CYA you need. Tie the sock closed and either suspend it in front of a return (hang it from your brush pole works with something weighted on the deck) OR if it still allows flow thru the skimmer, place the sock in the skimmer. Every 15/20 minutes give the sock a squeeze to speed up the process. Please DO NOT follow the directions on the container of CYA to just pour it into the skimmer and don't just toss the sock in the pool as the CYA is acidic and can bleach/stain pool finishes.

Once the powder is completely dissolved, wait 24 hours prior to testing your CYA level.
As a follow up, specific for SWG pools, should the SWG generator be off for 24 hours if this method is used?

More generally, is there a write-up that discusses best practices for adding chemicals in an SWG pool?


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Jul 7, 2014
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You only need to turn the SWCG off for 24 hours when adding a lot of salt..

I suggest that you use ladies knee-high stocking, which work much better than old socks.


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Mar 11, 2015
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Nope. Where did you get that from?
I originally was told by our pool builder that you don’t want concentrated calcium going through the salt cell when it’s running, so turn it off when adding calcium. I also thought I read this in this forum or on Poolforum (it’s been a long time, so my memory isn’t clear). Fast forward to now, and Joyful made a similar comment in this thread (with some clarification)

It seems it’s fine as long as it’s well diluted by the time it reaches the cell. Perhaps the recommendation to shut it off by the builder was out of abundance of caution.


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Jul 21, 2013
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He said..

I don’t think you have to turn off the SWG as long as you’re not pouring it near an intake. You don’t want to send high CH water into the SWG. If it’s diluted and broadcast around the perimeter, you should be fine.
I think that applies to any chemical. Don’t add it by the skimmer.
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