Adding a large volume of CH increaser to pool


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May 31, 2019
Alpharetta, GA
I use the same brand, but get it in 25# bag for $11 (with free delivery). I might spring for a couple of the $26 buckets though and refill from bags as they would be more convenient and easier to store.
Thanks for this...A BARGAIN!! How much do you add to increase per 10,000 gal? Is it similar concentration to Hardness Plus and the like?


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Sep 15, 2013
Fayetteville, NC
Not being that far from Faytetteville, your fill water may be similar to mine. However mine is well water and yours may come from the Cape Fear River. My fill water CH is 17 (as expressed in CaCO3 mg/L) and was measured by KAR laboratories (copper <0.02mg/dL and total iron <0.01mg/dL). pH is 5.5, other than that I feel that I have pretty good fill water. Fayetteville's water test indicate a hardness of 31. I assume that is expressed in CaCO3.
We are on City water and you are correct - last time I checked our tap water (a month ago) the CH was 30.
Don’t have to add a lot of water. It’s the surface of my pool that’s eating the calcium. I didn’t understand the importance of it last year, kept forgetting to order ice melt, and now we are in for a resurface. (We DIY it. Should have been done before this season started, but there were other priorities before my husband deployed.)