Adding a IC60 to a system with no automation and an IntelliFlo VS


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May 7, 2015
I have a 30k gallon vinyl liner IG pool that I am planning to convert to salt. I currently have a Pentair Quad DE 100 and the IntelliFlo VS. I have ordered an IC60 with a power center and will be installing it soon. Looking through the manual, it seems that it is intended to be used either in an automation system or with a pool timer. I have looked through some threads and am still a little confused about how to do the install. I do not use an external timer and instead use the built in scheduler on the pump. Currently I run the pump 24 hours a day at various speeds. Since the pump is always flowing would it be correct to just keep the salt generator on 24 hours a day, or do I need to get into automation to take advantage of the VS pump? If I go with Automation, would the pentair intelliconnect work? I currently don't have heat, but would like the ability to add it. I don't have any water features currently and would just need the simplest way for the IC60, IntelliFlo VS and a future heater to work together.


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Jul 7, 2014
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You do not need timer if you run your pump 24/7. You just don't what to apply power to the cell's power supply unless the pump is running..


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Oct 2, 2013
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I have an intelliflo and SWG , and I run my pump 24/7 too.
What I did, because I like reliable simplicity, is install an intermatic timer to run only the SWG.

I just tapped the power wire to the intermatic timer, from the Power wires running to the pump.
A little bit of wire, a Double Gang J Box to make the splice in and a couple of pieces of Flex Conduit and conduit connectors and viola. It's a pretty simple DIY if you're handy with that kind of stuff.


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Jun 16, 2019
Hi ive been lurking here for ages but joined to tell you that this is my exact setup. 6 years ago when my pool was built i was told to either run the pump full throtlle for 6 hours, or just a trickle 24/7. We liked the look of the water moving so originally decided on the 24/7. It worked so well (and cheap) that i never wanted to change. I change rpms occasionally plus or minus a few hundred but at 1400 rpms, my pump uses 220 watts. I start the season with the ic60 at 20% and bump to 40% when it gets hot. If the mid summer is real hot i may go to 60% for a week or two and then back to 40%. By September i am back to 20% until the octobor leaves force me to close the pool. 2 times in 6 years it was so hot with direct sunshine for a week or two that i needed to add stabilizer to keep my FC from burning off.
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