Added DE to sand filter, wow


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Mar 11, 2017
Our pool was a little cloudy, we didn't think much of it.(after you resurrected it from the dead aka swamp or algae) it is no big thing.
We were picking up some more bleach when a guy was mentioning how much he loved his DE filter and how well it worked.

Our sand filter is a year old, we can't justify getting a new filter. I looked on here and found your info on adding DE to a sand filter. We add one cup of the slurry.(DE and Water mixed) I noticed that it went up a half a PSI. Hubby checked an hour or two later the pressure had doubled BUT, looking in the pool, our pool was crystal clear. I keep asking myself, why didn't we do this last season?

My question is will it hurt the sand filter if we add DE regularly?


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Jun 12, 2009
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It won't hurt, but if your water is going from clear to cloudy then you are dealing with a chemistry problem rather than a filtration one. Properly maintained water should remain clear even with a sand filter.

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