Add VS pump to simple salt system?


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Apr 9, 2020
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I'm currently exploring adding a VS pump to my pool. Currently I have a 1.5hp single speed, a jandy aquapure ei salt system, a ozone joe ozonator, a polaris booster pump for my 280 and a jacuzzi pool heater. The pool has no spa but does have a waterfall that is adjusted but turning a valve between return jets and water fall. I usually split if 50/50.

All this is controlled via two mechanical interamattic timers. The first one controls the pump, salt gen, and ozone. The second is wired to the first and controls the polaris booster.

So the question: aside from a full pool automation retrofit, how would I make this work with a VS pump?

I'm kinda interested in that black and decker 1.5 VS pump. But not set on anything yet.

I suppose I could wire the pump directly to power and then leave the other parts wired to a timer. And just make sure run times match. I'd like need to just stop using the waterfall for the most part. I do like running it at night in the summer as it helps cool the pool a bit.

I think there are a select few VS pumps that have on board relays to act as controllers for other systems. I dont think they are DIY available tho.

I dont know if this aquapure ei can be set up to turn on with flow. I see a jandy flow sensor for it, part R0737500, but there are no descriptions about what it actually does.

Right now I have an intermattic with a temp sensor to run pool if it starts to freeze. I'm not sure if this is needed with a VS or if they do it automatically. I guess if u just leave it on super low flow all the time it's a moot point.

I use the heater so rarely that I'm not really concerned about automation of that. I can flip the switch.

I also don't fully know if the polaris will work when the VS is in low speed. I suppose it would further reduce the pool flow and may need tweaking. Part of me wonders if I go to VS if I'd be wise to just eliminate it altogether and go robotic.

Any recommendations or cautions are appreciated. Thanks!
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