Add a small pump to the system


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Jul 6, 2010
This whole discussion gives me a thought. I have a perfectly viable 1 1/2 hp pump on my pool.

The only time I need any where near that much pump is for vacuuming. My pool is covered and is very well serviced by a half hour a day all winter long.

It occurs to me I could simply add a small pump to the system with a suitable check valve to run the filter and then use the big pump only a couple of hours a week to keep it clean.

The rub however is I don't think there is anyway to buy such a pump. What I would need would be something equivalent to a variable speed pump runnig at around 1000rpm. Maybe 10 or 15% of a one hp?

But it looks to me like such a pump does not exist.

Anyone think of one? Maybe off a small above ground or such.


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May 3, 2007
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Re: Pool Pump Energy Cost Comparison

Put a two speed motor on your current pump and you have basically what you are describing but in a single pump. Plus the motor should be less expensive than adding a second pump. On low speed, it would have 1/2 the flow rate and 1/4 of the energy use as your current pump. Not quite as good as a VS pump running at 1000 RPM but good enough to save a lot in electricity.

BTW, welcome to the forum.