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Apr 15, 2014
Livermore, CA
@santacruzpool. Yes, I am really leaning towards Primera Stone. $ and I did a cost analysis breakdown vs. plaster, and it is pricey. But on the other hand, it is a one time surface; one and done, so to speak. Durable, and can be repolished, so more environmentally sound as well. But, I do believe that it is a softer material (lower in the hardness scale) vs. Wet Edge's aggregate such as Satin, Pearl, or their new Signature (a combination of the two). I guess that softness is related to the fact that it has some marble so that it can be sanded/polished smooth. But it is that marble and softness that has me concerned that it can/will stain easier than their aggregate (Satin, Pearl, Signature). Regardless of the fact that it can be polished again and again, I don't want to buy an $ high end pseudo plaster only for it to stain. Here is some of what I read at a FAQ on Wet Edge:

True, some of the pebbles in the Primera Stone™ are not as hard as those in the Pearl Matrix™ and Satin Matrix™ but they are still quite resilient, due to their quartz content. It would take an extreme case of neglect and aggressive chemicals to breakdown these pebbles. Primera Stone™ pools that do show signs of scaling or staining due to bad water chemistry or gross lack of attention can be re-polished. This is another beautiful aspect to the Primera Stone™ pool finish. Primera Stone™ pools can be re-polished periodically over and over again for many years and can look can look even better than a new finish.



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Feb 24, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
We were told it could be re-polished, and that was one of the selling points.

I think during the time we were deciding I read a report from another pool owner here who had quite an old install (over 10 years ???) of Primera Stone and hadn't done anything to it yet...

The pool builder was telling us around 15 years easily if I recall.