Active 30 no power


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Jun 14, 2018
My Maytronics active 30 is not turning on. The power supply is turning on but the robot isn’t doing anything. I’m wondering if it’s a cable issue. When I remove the blue cable from the power unit, the power unit stays on. When the cable is attached it sometimes flickers out if I move it in certain way. Historically, when this happened in the past, as long as long as I moved the cable so the power unit remained lit, everything functioned normally. However even now, if the power unit stays lit with the blue cable attached, there seems to be no power to the robot.
Hey BPool18,
We're sorry to learn of the issue you have encountered with your Dolphin robot.
We would like to get one of our reps from your region to discuss this matter further with you so that we could provide you with the needed assistance.
Could you please reach out to us at [email protected]?
Thank you & have a lovely day!

Liz - Maytronics Customer Care
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