Apr 3, 2008
East TN
I am new here, and I would assume that other newbies had or having the same problem, I did: deciphering the Acronyms that are used here. I have slowly figured out most of them by checking different post and using the process of elimination. I would like to make the suggestion of making a sticky or a global post of the majority of the acronyms used in this forum and their definition. Hopefully that would make life a bit easier for us newbs.


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Apr 27, 2007
Caeles... I will jump on the idiot boat to. Acronyms drive me nuts. Before I retired from GM the last fifteen years was all acronyms. I couldn't figure what half the people were talking about. Even worse GM made up there own words and used them every day. One comes to mind is throughput. I also am on a corvette forum and they drive you nuts with acronyms. Its very hard to figure out what they are trying to ask. Caeles maybe it will get better the next ten years but then the memory will be gone and we wont care.
Ric W. :lol: