Acorn Stains from Oak Tree - How to get rid of that?


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Aug 31, 2010
There is a huge oak tree right next to the pool. The tree drops acorns that stains the bottom of the pool. I shocked the pool occasionally but does not help entirely. The Polaris cleaner does a great job only when is running.



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Jul 10, 2009
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If you can post a complete set of test number we can advise you better with what you need to do. Usually chlorine will take care of any organic staining, as long as the levels are high enough and the staining object hasn't been left sitting too long.


May 31, 2013
Looks like OP left after his/her one post, but I'll revive this zombie thread. :lol:

I have nothing but palm trees in my yard, but my neighbor's Live Oaks' branches hang out over my pool. I've trimmed as high up as I can but the trees are literally right up against the fence and there's really no fixing the fact that they drop tons of acorns in my back yard and pool. :grrrr:

In the very long fall and "winter" here in NE Florida, these things fall non-stop for months. They're a bit much to keep up with and until I just recently started figuring out how to properly tend to my pool, I would end up with huge amounts of leaves and acorns on the bottom of the pool which I'd eventually get around to vacuuming out after weeks of sitting there. I didn't realize they were down there staining my marcite. :oops:

So now I have a ton of acorn stains - blackish, fingertip-sized marks - all over the bottom, particularly visible in the shallow end.

I bought a special "eraser" that fits on the end of the pole but that was totally ineffective. I've tried using special stain removing additives to no avail. I've even tried breaking up chlorine tablets and placing chunks on some stains individually to see if they would eventually bleach away - nope.

Any ideas?


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May 27, 2015
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I have a big oak that hangs half over my pool.
Right now unset acorns are raining daily into my pool and deck.

These are tannin stains

Trichlor pucks will lift the stains. I usually open up 3-4 of them and move them around checking every few minutes.
If I don't bother cleaning the stains they fade and go away with normal manual chlorination and circulating water


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Apr 1, 2007
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I'd rather you elevate the chlorine than use pucks, which can fade a liner or do damage to a plaster surface....although basod's method is a good one....but you cannot ignore them.

Go to about double your normal FC and hold it there until stains disappear....usually a week or so.
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