Acid Bath no drain | Acid Wash? Plaster out of water for remodel dull


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Feb 1, 2019
Hi Folks-

Plaster: Deep Blue Dea Prism Matrix Wet Edge

Im getting done with a remodel. We kept the plaster. However the pool was significantly drained although water kept in bottom. They did a light acid wash, 1st thing I notice a lot of walls had white on them. Then when I filled the finish particularly in shallow end looks dull. We have wet edge prism matrix. I don't have all the chemistry balanced in pool as we can't fill all the way, waiting on plaster repair.

Whats best to do here, fill balance then Acid Bath no drain? Im not sure either is the right answer.

Look at the picture empty it looks very grey not blue. There is a lot of white.

We are curious if we should fill till completion and try an acid bath or empty and acid wash.

Im not sure ramification of plaster being not filled over a long period of time.

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Jul 21, 2013
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What are the plaster repairs to be done?

What are you trying to accomplish with the acid bath vs acid wash?

Fill water changes color and look once you get chlorine and other chemicals into it.

Plaster not having water in for a long time can dry out and develop craze cracks.

@onBalance may have some thoughts.