Accurate CYA reading

Mark Officer

New member
Jul 4, 2020
New to pools. Depending on the store, when I take my water in to get it tested I have gotten readings of 60 to 100 for CYA. I am using bleach, borax, baking soda, muratic acid and some calcium hardener as chemicals. Are their tests just wrong or why would it go up if I'm not using any tri/di chlor? No tablets either. Alkalinity = 94, pH =7.8-8.0, CH = 265, FC 2.1, CC 2.1.

Also when I use the Taylor K2006 and my other test strips it shows 60-70 for CYA.

Pool 17k gallons, I just drained about 12-15 inches and refilled.


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Jul 29, 2018
Katy, Texas
Yes, their tests--at least some of them--are probably wrong. Just shooting from the hip, but I would get a gallon of 10 or 12.5% chlorine and pour it in now with your pump running for a while. Tomorrow morning, test the chlorine and CYA with your Taylor test kit (not the strips--they're not accurate either even though they have the Taylor name on the bottle.