Access to gas orifices on Hayward H200FDP


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Oct 10, 2017
Hi all, I need a little assistance.

I tried to fire up the heater for the first time of the season and repeatedly got the IF error. I’ve read up on it and know there are multiple things to check. I’m working my way from easiest to more difficult.

I’m currently attempting to check the gas orifices for blockages. My problem is twofold: #1, the gas manifold with the orifices is not working with me, and #2, I have a strong proclivity for breaking things.

I’ve removed the four screws that hold the manifold in place on the combustion chamber. However, the orifices themselves are binding in the metal cover of the combustion chamber, and there isn’t a lot of play in the manifold connections to allow me to maneuver things around. Logically, it would seem that a pipe wrench applied to the manifold would allow me to unscrew it from the gas valve, but I’m hesitant due to #2 above.

Any ideas or tips on how to proceed?


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Apr 15, 2013
Central Indiana
On my h250fdn, there are 4 9/64 hex screws on top of the gas valve holding it together. They are not easy to reach, but the majority of the valve will come off with the manifold if you can get at them.

I'm having a lot of trouble with mine this year. Lots of parts are getting replaced.