Acceptable AGP Level Tolerances

Jun 13, 2019
SW Missouri
I am putting up my very first steel sided AGP and I have a question when it comes to leveling. We have begun digging and we have a pretty good start. The plan is to level the ground as close as possible, put a top coat of lime sand just thick enough to get everything smooth, and then throw on 1" XPS insulation board on top.

Right now, we have the ground cleared and we have a 2 foot ring around the outside of the whole that is within 1/2 inch across the entire circle (using a transit to level).
Our next step is to remove the rest of the ground in the middle of the pool to make it as level as possible.

1) We are aiming for 1/4" across the 24' for level on the outer ring. Is this a typical tolerance? should we be trying for 1/8 or should we be happy with 1/2?
2) On the center we will be happy with 3/4" difference as long as its smooth, but my guess is it will naturally turn out better than this because of the outer circle as a reference.


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May 19, 2010
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Industry standard appears to be the legs/walls level to within 1"

Note that some members dish the middle out a bit making it a little deeper so that debris is more likely to collect in 1 spot.
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Jun 4, 2019
Versailles, Kentucky
That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip. So it seems like I might be overkill going for any better than 1/2" over my run.
Aim small, miss small...... I tried for absolutely level on our 15’ and wound up with about 3/16 when filled and settled, but it is unnoticeable even on a small pool. My first AGP(24’) about 20 years ago was out by 1” and I noticed it, it drove me nuts. 1 inch for structural integrity, <1” for OCD.

Don’t forget to treat for ants!
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