Above Ground Pool Steps


TFP Expert
Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
I've had really good luck with the confer pool curve steps ( just the steps not the side piece). They have been very sturdy and comfortable to use. I'm not a small person and they feel very solid getting in and out of the pool.


Mod Squad
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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
I have to ask a couple of questions first........do you have a deck? What have you been using until now? What do you like/not like about them?



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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Another vote for Confer here.
I have the A frame ladder, once deck was built I ordered a adapter kit and cut the back legs off and mounted to deck.Another brand I have still in box cant remember name, will not use, way to flimsy looking.
The Confer ones seem to be 2x strength,especially when it comes to the step treads.

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