Above Ground Pool Start Up *Help*


Sep 25, 2021
Australia, Queensland

Recently purchased a new property with an above ground pool. Bit of a big project i've started... Needing some help with any experts on here please! I used rivets for all the sheet metal replacement due to rust.

- Have I done anything wrong so far?
- How deep should the sand be on the bottom?
- Do I need to worry about liner ripping?
- Once the liner is in... How would I prime the system? Do I need to add salt? Pretty sure it's around a 20,000 litre pool.
- Do I need to flush the exisiting sh*t in the line?
- Chlorinator cell looks pretty shot too? How do I go about this?

If you could throw me anymore information that I should know it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much,


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Some of my thoughts in reply to your questions:
- Be sure to backfill really well. Packing it down to support the will will be important.
- I suspect 2-3 inches should be adequate for a base
- Looks like you are trying to install a DIY sheet metal apron around the lower part of the pool. Not sure how that's going to remain secure with all the water pressure. Maybe you can post a couple more close-up pics and/or explain how it will stay in place.
- Make sure that skimmer is in good shape and prepared for a new liner. Once the liner is in you don't want to have to tear it apart.
- If you feel the need to blow-out the plumbing lines for some reason, you can use an air compressor if the ends are exposed, or even try some water pressure.
- Once the pool is full up to the skimmer and you confirm no leaks, you'll prefill the pump basket with water, close the clear lid, and turn it on. The pump should pull water from the skimmer and remain primed. If not, you might have to refill the pump basket 2-3 times and repeat. If that doesn't work, let us know and we can go through more troubleshooting.
- For the cell, I suspect you'll need to get a new one. Here in the states we get them from Amazon, Discount Salt Pools, etc. Over there you might have a local vendor. Be sure to get a cell rated for 2X the size of your pool.

Good luck!
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