Above Ground Pool Brands - Suggestions


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Aug 17, 2013
East, TN
Hello all, I would like some suggestions on Brands of AGP's. Please exclude INTEX brand as that is what I currently have. My INTEX is still ok after three years but would like to upgrade so that I have a better piece of mind that I don't come home one day to flooded yard. I just put up a new storage building close by and would hate for something to happen. Thank you.


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May 1, 2015
Kaplan louisiana
This is the pool I've got and haven't had any issues what so ever. It's an entirely resign pool which is a major benefit. Also all of my pool equipment is Pentair which I would also recommend.

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Piper Mike

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Jan 21, 2014
Bartlesville, OK
If you have had an Intex for three years and haven't had any problems and a good amount of people on here the same why don't you already have piece of mind? I have a friend that had an expensive above aground pool and has had to change the liner 3 times in the time I have had three different Intex pools and guess what, the Intex pools were cheaper and the only reason I switched pools is because I wanted a bigger pool. I tell you this, my 26 footer is the perfect size. When I get in it swimming I'm always surprised how big it is. You should have no reason to not trust your Intex pool unless it's not been set up on level ground for the three years you have owned it.


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Apr 16, 2007
I have a Sharkline Venture! I love my pool. Bought it from PoolSupplyWorld and had it shipped right to the house.


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Apr 24, 2014
Gardners, PA
I have a Swim N Play pool. I bought it used and was impressed how it held up for the first owner and I reinstalled it at my house and this will be the third summer using it for me. I only had to buy a new liner which you would have to do almost anytime you drain and move an above ground pool.