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Apr 28, 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I was having a conversation with an associate of mine who is an electrician and the topic was bonding an above-ground pool. The common way I'm used to seeing done is to use a bonding plate that is installed in the skimmer. It involved drilling a 3/16" hole on the side and inserting the plate on the inside wall of the skimmer with the metal shaft going through the drilled opening. It has a gasket to seal any leaks and allows for a metal lug to connect to the shaft and that is where the #8 copper wire would also connect to. He mentioned that he has concerns about voiding any warranty by doing this and so I figured I would ask the TFP community's opinion on this one. Thanks in advance!


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The Hayward skimmer instructions make it clear that bonding is required. They don't say how to bond the water, but there is no mention to not do it through the skimmer.
I suppose if someone were to file a warranty claim against a skimmer mfg, and the mfg could show that whatever failure occurred, it was caused by someone drilling a hole in it, then I guess they could say the warranty is void because someone modified the equipment.
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Mine is bonded that way. Honestly by the time you get it installed and are ready to do the bonding, you would have already discovered any defect that would cause you to need a replacement.
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