above ground closing question


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Apr 9, 2020
Claremore, OK
Hi all,
Plan on it being late OCT early NOV for water temp to be below 60, but had a question about what to do with equipment.
In pool school, it sounds like after you drain below skimmers/returns, all you need to store inside is the pump and hoses? I have a large canister filter... if its drained, can I leave that outside covered, or should I bring that inside also?
Thank you


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May 8, 2012
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Our equipment is hard plumbed. We disconnect all the above ground pipes and bring them inside. We bring the pump indoors. We cover the sand filter and heater and they stay out on the equipment pad. We make sure the filter is well drained with the drain cap removed. The regulator and all that's connected to it comes in the house. We leave the skimmer in place but make sure the opening below is clear and free to drain if water gets in it. We also do the same for the return line. We blow out all the lines before plugging them. Here is our set up so you can get an idea what I'm referring to.

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