above grond pool newbies

Aug 5, 2007
Hi all, We are just filling our above ground pool which is 12ft by 24ft and 4ft deep, we may require a bit of assistance. So if you have any tips we would love to hear them please

The Mermaid Queen

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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
1. Get a good test kit, check my signature.
2. Read the stickies, also linked in my signature.
3. Use Jason's calculator (in my sig) to figure your pool volume and how much bleach, etc to add to balance your water.

If you need help, post a set of numbers (FC, TC, pH, TA, CH, CYA) and we can assist you!

Welcome to TFP... you are on your way to a trouble free pool!


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Apr 22, 2007
Hi and welcome to the group!

You'll find a lot of good information on this forum. It may be a little confusing at first, but in a few days, you'll be an expert on pool care.


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Apr 27, 2007
hi cal and matt
The Mermaid Queen is giving you great advice. #1 the test kit is the most important thing you can purchase for your pool. get one and use it 2 times a day untill you get used to it. The testing results will help you learn your pool 100% there is little help for your water on a forum with out the tests. I am just trying to say how important these test are i feel the kits should come before the pool. Keep reading and ask all the questions you need to everybody is willing to help you. Also read about the equipment and the chemicals on the forum it will teach you a lot. Thing can be a little overwhelming at first but it will all come quickly Good luck and welcome
Ric W


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Apr 8, 2007
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Make a habit of doing a bi-weekly "systems check" for leaks, loose fittings, rust, electrical issues, etc. Those are the things we forget about when we are enjoying our pools so much and they are the things that can cause the biggest PIA disasters. A cracked fitting or small leak can ruin the pool or your swimming season because they usually turn into HUGE problems by the time we notice UNLESS we do a regular systems check.

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Aug 5, 2007
All, many thanks for your useful and welcoming responses _ you`re right, it does seem a daunting experience balancing the water initially :? .
It`s good to know there`s non-text book advise along with experience and common sense out there....I`m sure we`ll be in touch !!
Thanks for now,

Aug 5, 2007
new to the forum

Hi all its Cal here well the pool is up and running and for the first few days chemical balance was fine but now
chlorine is white on the test strips, but water is clear and warm although we have not yet used the heater, I have had a look at the pool pics they are all excellent pools and make my above ground intex oval 12 by 24ft look rather silly. By the way we are from England noticed most af you are American. Thank you all for the help so far.