About to Start Digging - Bond Beam Question


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Jan 12, 2021
Roanoke, VA
Hello everyone. Thank you for this great source of information. I'm about to start digging my 14' x 30' rectangle fiberglass pool and I have a question about the bond beam. Is the an upside to pouring the bond beam (~2.5 wide) and stamping prior to pouring the rest of the concrete deck? In my mind this would be 1) easier for the concrete contractor and 2) it would limit the expansion / contraction forces on the coping. This seems very important on one side of my pool as that will have a 13-foot wide deck.

I see a-lot of pools that have stamped coping that is different than the rest of the pool deck but I cant tell if these are separate pours or just different stamps. Any advise or wisdom? Thank you!


Feb 15, 2021
Ontario, Canada
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My pool hasn’t started yet, and I bring no credibility to my answer other than what I know is happening to my pool and that is that my cement coping around the edge of my pool is a separate pour than the rest of the cement. I am also getting a different colour and stamp on the coping than the rest of the cement patio so not sure if that is why or if there is another reason.
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