ABOUT TO SLASH MY 🤬 POOL/ Cloudy nightmare

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May 23, 2020
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I’ll try to make this brief.

I have a 16x48 AG summer waves stupid Walmart pool. Filled it with a water company last year, fought metals all year long. Had the lousy, useless 1000 gph filter.

5 year old broke his leg, ended up having a 32 week preemie and didn’t close the pool. Didn’t even put a dang cover over it, least of our problems.

Opened the swamp 2 weeks ago. Killed algae, shocked the pool to heaven. Upgraded pump to 2500 gph. Clear chemical readings from pool supply store (no, I don’t have the actual results with me 😫). Everything would appear fine except you can’t see the bottom. Crystal clear, blue water, just bottomless. Added clarifier. Added phosphate remover. Nothing. Hail Mary, added Flocc. Didn’t do a thing. NOTHING.

What gives?

Also, new pump loses suction about 20 min after replacing cartridge...Every. Single. Time. Cartridges aren’t coming out dirty or gummed, pump not blocked, no leaks, no air....it’s 2ish weeks old. Works awesome for literally 20 minutes after replacing cartridge only to lose return flow. Maybe a manufacturing issue? Intex is no help. Took the whole thing apart to check it over during troubleshooting.

Please help, I’m having visions of slashing my pool but my kids would be so upset.


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Welcome to TFP!! You've definitely come to the right place!

First of all, you need a good test kit so you can stay out of the pool store. Order either the Taylor K-2006C test kit or the TF-100 test kit so that you have everything you need. When you get it, run a full set of tests.

Second, start adding liquid chlorine to your pool while you wait for your test kit. You'll want to add 5ppm every day. You can calculate this using the PoolMath app, which you can install on your phone or tablet.

Let us know your results when you get your test kit. Report them in the format


Keep checking back in for other posts and don't slash the pool!!! :swim:


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Jul 10, 2012
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Lorri is giving the best advice about getting a good test kit for moving forward.

I am going to suggest you dump and refill.............you have so much stuff in the water right now I don't think there is any way to clear it up without dumping and refilling.

Once you start the dump and refill of the water make sure to use a shop vac or such to suck up the stuff that will be in the last couple inches of water.

After you add the new water run a test of the water with YOUR test kit.............see we don't trust pool $tores....just look at what they did to your water :( by selling you all of that stuff.

Once you get new water then caring for the pool will be easier than every before................You have had your hands and heart full with everything......lets get at least one of those things easy to care for - your pool!



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May 29, 2019
Listen to this great advice you've received. Likely the clarifier and FLOC you've used has gummed up your cartridges. It flat out ruins them and makes them unsalvageable. Which means you need to buy new ones and throw the old ones away. But not before doing what Kim suggests.

I was where you were last year. At beginning of last swimming season I was ready to fill my pool in and call it a day. Then I found this forum, bought a suggested test kit. Switched to liquid chlorine, and followed the advice I got here. Last I year I loved owning my pool! My pool is 6'6" in the deep end and after only 1 week open I can already see the bottom of my pool! And that's because of the techniques for maintaining it that I learned here!

Give the advice here a go and see if you don't end up falling back in love with your pool!