About to SLAM for the first time


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Mar 31, 2018
Year 3 of having the pool and running into my first algae issue. It's slowly gotten worse over the past few weeks. Started as what I thought was dust or dirty coming in from rain but yesterday noticed some on the walls so I'm now sure its algea. I'm pretty anal about numbers and everything is in line.

My question is - when I'm done, how do I get the chorine level back to a normal swimmable level?


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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
Once you are finished with the slam, the FC will drop as it is broken down by UV and used.
You can Safely swim in FC up to slam levels for your CYA.


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Mar 5, 2020
Melbourne, Australia
If you're swimming in SLAM level water a couple of times then the effect on your swimwear will be neglectable. If you're water was at SLAM level the whole time, then you might notice a difference over time, but it would still be better than many overchlorinated (due to lack of CYA) public indoor pools. Just make sure you rinse your gear after swimming (especially during ba SLAM), when the water evaporates it leaves back a higher chlorine concentration.

Check out this post from Chem Geek sharing his wife's experience: