About to pull the trigger on new pump, filter, and SWG for pool...want input


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Jun 15, 2016
Southington, CT
I want to revamp my pool gear, and want minimum maintenance. I am sick of falling behind with adding chlorine, and getting a green pool, and having to SLAM and clean filter constantly.

So I am thinking of going with a sand filter and a SWG.

These are what I'm looking at getting, but am unsure if the filter and pump are adequate. I don't want to spend a crazy amount more than I should, but I do want gear I will be happy with.

Filter - Hayward Sand Filter with Top Mount Valve 24 Inch Tank - W3S244T

Pump - PowerFlo Matrix Pump 1 HP - SP1592 - W3SP1592

SWG - CircuPool RJ-30 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator

Any thoughts? 24' above ground 48" pool. Any input would be great, thanks.


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May 3, 2014
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You either switch it or you have to use a dual timer if there is some reason you would want to run high speed on a regular basis. Only reason might be a pool cleaner of some sort.

If you manually vacuum, then you can manually switch it to high speed when you need to vac.