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Some quick pool points: 14x42 Summer waves elite pool( First pool, first setup, first everything). Northeast,PA location.
Hello Everyone,
Been reading these forums the past week as i looked for ideas/suggestions for my cloudy water. I was able to get that taken care of due to the great amount of information on this site and forum posts. So what brings me to posting? A few things, which I'd like to ask for your suggestions/recommendations on:
1. I plan on tossing this current 14x42 pool and getting a bigger one. Was looking at the 18x52 size range. Anyone have any recommendations?
2. So while reading these forums i got the itch to upgrade my pool pump from the stock cartridge A/C filter pump to This Salt Water System. I then realized that, while great for my 14x42, i don't believe this would work that well with a 18x52. point 2 feeds into point 3....
3. My pool is pretty much is shaded except from 10-11am and then from 2ish-330ish due to a large Oak tree. My pools temps pretty much range from 70-76ish(with a solar cover). The ask was to find a way to get it warmer since the sun isn't always on it. After reading the forums here, it sounds like Solar would be my best, and lets be honest, only option here as theres no propane or natural gas. My garage roof(shingled, slanted) sits facing southwest and will be about 15 or so feet from the pool and pretty much gets sun all day as its available. Ill attach pictures below so you get an idea of location.
- I say all this with the hope someone could provide suggestion of a sand pump system with swg that would work with an 18x52 and be able to put the water on to a solar system on the garage roof. The plan was to purchase 1 or 2 Fafco or Helioco panels unless someone thinks its a useless endeavor and waste of money considering my environment and situation. Perhaps the same system sand pump system just larger size? would 1-2 panels even make a dent in my pool temps?

Thank you in advance for any insight and information/suggestions/recommendations you have.



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Sep 18, 2012
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I don't know anything about solar panels, but I do know that a solar cover will help retain heat in the pool even without direct sun on it. One of it's main purposes is to reduce evaporation when the water temperature is warmer than the outside air. Without a solar cover, your pool will tend to be the average air temperate of the day and night. On my pool (with a fair amount of direct sunlight), my pool temperature with a solar cover without any heating tends to be the high temperature of the day or slightly above.
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Thank you for the reply JoeSelf. I have. It's not so much the brand of solar heater panel, its more or less would having one on a pool with not much sun in the northeast make a 4-5 degree difference with 2 strips on an 18x52 pool? And if so, what size/kind of pump would i need or could someone recommend to pump it to the location in the pictures(garage roof). The assumption is the new pump I purchased would def not have the hp to do it. maybe a separate small pump?

It's possible someone familiar with the scenario would say, since its in the shade most of the day and the size of water you want to heat you would need 5 sheets of solar panel and some crazy hp pump, in which case i know its not an option at that point.


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I would go with the larger Intex SWG and Sand Filter. It's listed as a 2600gph or 16" system.

While you could do the smaller pump/filter/SWG, they need to be cleaned more often and run at least 7hr/day. I don't recommend it.