About to attempt my first SLAM, but I have leftover opening chemicals... throw out or use?


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May 24, 2018
NB, Canada
Hi guys,

I know the gospel here is to SLAM on pool opening if there is Algae.

My water has a green tint. I am in process of stepping up my CYA and adjusting pH in preparation for a SLAM (my first).

Now, that being said - should I use a pool store pool opening chemical kit that I have left over? I have :

The Premium Pool Chemical Kit Includes:
  • 1 Kg of chlorine-free oxidizing shock to rid the water of organic matter
  • 1 L of concentrated, non foaming algaecide to kill existing algae spores and prevent new algae from forming
  • 1 L of stain and scale preventer (a sequestering agent) to protect your pool surface and equipment from staining and scaling

I understand that this stuff is not ideal and SLAMing should yield a better result. Is there any harm of using these chemicals first (since I have them on the shelf anyway, they would be wasted if not used) to help preparing the pool. I would still follow up with a SLAM afterwards to ensure all organic matter is dead and gone. I'm guessing the shock and algaecide will at least help getting rid of a lot of it, which could potentially make my SLAM process not take as long or require as much bleach, etc...

What are your thoughts on this? Going forward I would not buy these products again but I bought them last year and feel like they are better off in my pool than in the garbage.

I do also have a question on SLAMing : is there harm in overshooting the Shock FC level for my given CYA? Guessing this has been asked before but if I have an 8 hour stretch during the day that I can't be around to check and don't want the pool to fall below Shock FC level, can I simply start higher to allow more room for it to fall without going under shock level?




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May 3, 2014
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The first item is an issue as it messes up your FC/CC testing tor some time.
What type of algaecide is it? If a Polyquat 60, then it might be useful for you when you winterize. Anything else, dispose of it.
The last depends on if you have metals (iron) in your water. Do you?

It is best to not greatly over shoot the SLAM level FC. The issue is the excess FC is burned off by UV pretty quickly. The chlorine is still killing algae, albeit slower, if your FC falls below SLAM level. So test and dose as often as life permits.
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