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Apr 22, 2017
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Hello Everyone thanks for stopping by.So I have a couple of questions regarding how to set up my VS pump and how to run a suction cleaner.I have a Pentair VS Pump, which since I've had a pool runs at a single speed of 2150rpm. Why that is I don't know, that's just how the guy set it up after our pool was completed.It seems to me silly to have a VS pump and only run it at a single speed. So my question for you veterans out there, how should I set it up. Break it up into different schedules with different speeds?Now, if I am changing speeds on the pump, my other question is, what about the automatic suction cleaner? After trial and error, i come to realize that the only way it will operate is if the only suction point is the side suction. I have to shut all other suction points and run the pump at about 2200rpm's. Is that normal for a pool cleaner. If that's the case does that mean that the pool cleaner doesn't run all the time. I mean, it can't because otherwise I would never use my Main drain or skimmer.I guess what I am trying to ask, badly, is how do I set up my system to run. Speeds and times for my VS pump, and what suctions to use. And should the cleaner only run when needed, i.e. a couple of times a week as needed, but not all the time???Someone please point me in the right direction.Thanks.Details on my pool.Salt Water pool, 12x24' w/spa. Approx 15k gal.Pentair EasyTouch 8 Automation controlIntellichlor IC40 SCGIntelliFlo VS PumpZodiak MX8 cleaner


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all slot machine playing pool owners.. :snorkle:

If this is a new pool then I suggest you have your pool builder come back and set it up correctly...

With an EasyTouch 8, your pool should have several pump speeds and programs.

You should have one slow speed which allows the SWCG to chlorinate the pool.
You should have another speed when you are in the Spa mode.
You should have a speed that allows for good skimming action.
You should have a speed for any water features..
You should also have a high speed to run your suction cleaner. Your automation system should have a valve actuator which moves a valve that turns on the cleaner while shutting off or reducing the skimmer and main drain inputs.

Does your EasyTouch have the ScreenLogic2 option that allows you to program via your PC, Tablet or phone?


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